Welcome! You want to learn how to write, speak, read, and understand English. That’s great! The reason for your desire to learn the language may vary. For some, it is to learn to communicate more to a diverse work team, to others it is to pass that English proficiency exam while others simply want to increase their confidence or because they want to move and work abroad. Whatever your reason is, know this – YOU CAN AND YOU WILL LEARN AND MASTER THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE.


While anyone can learn the language, it is important that we manage your expectation. Your success and improvement will depend mainly on your drive, time, and energy spent on learning. Yes, the KEY is YOU! Here are a few practical tips that you can practice right away, yes, without buying our courses.  :) 


Tip#1: READ. To be able to write and read in the English language, you need to have a good vocabulary. To improve your vocabulary, it is imperative that you read any English book or reading material on a REGULAR/DAILY basis.


Tip#2: ENGLISH DICTIONARY. Always keep a dictionary on your mobile phone or an actual dictionary on hand so you can search for the meaning of any new word you encounter when reading. Make sure you use these new words in sentences on a regular basis. 


Tip#3: SET A DAILY GOAL. Set a number of new words that you want to learn for the day. When you set a goal and hit it, it helps you feel accomplished, thus, it keeps your excitement about continuing to learn high. 


Tip#4: WRITE! WRITE! WRITE! Practice writing using the English language. Use an app like Grammarly (free on which will correct your grammar to help you spot errors. Practice writing as often as possible. 


Tip#5: PRACTICE SPEAKING. Oftentimes, we Filipinos cringe when we hear people speaking in English around us. Some would even call them “trying hard”. We are all guilty of this. But the reality is, given that we are becoming a global market, now, more than ever, learning to communicate using the English language has become very important. We use it in school, at work, in social gatherings, and when traveling. Needless to say, we need to find opportunities – groups and places where we can practice speaking the language. DO NOT feel embarrassed, and DO NOT feel offended when someone corrects your grammar or pronunciation. It is part of the learning process. We recommend that you find a language partner who you can practice speaking English with, regularly. There are FREE language exchange sites that you can use.


Tip#6: WATCH AND LISTEN. By watching and listening to English movies, sitcoms, and songs you are constantly feeding your brain with new words and sounds. You will be surprised that you will find it easier to learn and pick up lines and words when you do this regularly.


Tip#7: NEVER STOP LEARNING. The English language is one of the most complicated languages. Keep on learning.


Finally, You will know when you have mastered the language when;

1. You start thinking in English. For example: when you see an object, you identify it in your mind in the English language

2. You speak with less translation or hesitation in your head. No more pauses, you simply instantly form your sentences and say them.


We hope you find these FREE tips useful.


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